The Trust Fund periodically support research fellowships such as PHDs.

These  fellowships may stem from:

  • a research question which the Torbay and South Devon health and care community poses.
  • a medical, dental, health or care professional  working within Torbay and South Devon wishing to undertake a PHD.
  • a partnership approach with a University to undertake research to the benefit of Torbay and South Devon.

Recent fellowships for PHDs awarded to:

  • Carol Gray with the University of Southampton, researching “What are the end of life care needs and preferences of older people living in the community as perceived by the older people themselves, and do these change over time?”
  • Nick Peres with the University of Plymouth, researching “How effective is immersive three dimensional video in supplementing simulation training experiences of doctors & medical staff in developing their skills in communication, compassion and empathy.”

For an initial discussion about fellowships contact: Susan Martin,  Associate Director, Strategy & Improvement