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Grant applications

Torbay  Medical Research Fund  provides grants for  research which is being conducted within Torbay and South Devon  that does not have any funding (own account), or where funds are not coming  to the organisation you are working in.

The categories of research are:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Health care
  • Social care
  • Public health & prevention

If you are not sure whether your project is research,  the Health Research Authority  has provided useful guidance as well as the National Institute for Health Research for health and service delivery research.

To apply for a research grant  you will need to complete the:

You will also need to include a brief summary CV – see  grant application

This will need to be returned  via email to : admin.torbaymrf1@nhs.net .
Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (TSDNHSFT) Applicants (Either as project lead or as a partner organisation)
TSDNHSFT have requested that potential applicants work with the Charity Team (tsdft.charitablefunds@nhs.net) in the TSDNHSFT Finance Department during the project design process. 

The grant application and finance spreadsheet  will be reviewed by a small team, including the Director of Research & Development,  prior to submission to the Fund. This ensures that the application is complete, that it meets the criteria of the Fund and that any queries  can be dealt with prior to presentation  to the Fund.

Once this process has been completed, the applicant will be informed and they will be asked to attend the  next Torbay Medical Research Fund meeting, providing a brief presentation of the research proposal.

The Fund meets three times a year  and the  submission dates for applications are published here.

If you have any questions contact the Fund via the email address or if you would like an informal conversation about your research proposal you can also contact  Dr Fiona Roberts, the R&D Director.