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Ian Mckenzie Scholarships

These scholarships are for medical, dental, health and care professionals working in South Devon and Torbay seeking funding to support an accepted poster presentation or  formal presentation at a regional, national or international conference on their research.

Applications are welcome from public health, primary care, the care sector, secondary care and community services providing health and care.

Grants of up to £500 are available towards:
  • conference registration fees
  • travel
  • accommodation costs

The following  criteria applies:

  • Applicants can apply once a year  and only one applicant can apply per poster, formal presentation. This will normally be the first named author.
  • An applicant working in South Devon and Torbay can apply for up to three applications over the lifetime of  their work at Torbay and South Devon, irrespective  of whether their job role changes.
  • Where two applicants are presenting two different papers at the same conference,  an application can  be made providing the papers/presentation are materially different and  each applicant is not a co-author on the others paper/presentation
  • All research work presented  should benefit patients/people living in Torbay and South Devon.

In order to apply for the grant download the application here and then return the completed application to our email address with a copy of your accepted poster/presentation.

We will then process the form and let you know within three  weeks  whether your funding request has been successful. All successful applicants will be provided with a certificate from the fund.

All grants are conditional on receipts been received within three months of the conference date.

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