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Innovative podiatry research leads to major grant

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Richard Collings was awarded £25,079 from the Torbay Medical Research Fund to investigate whether foot ulcer recurrence can be prevented in people with diabetes by using an in-shoe pressure measurement technology.

Insoles are designed to reduce elevated plantar pressure and re-ulceration risk in patients with diabetes. This study used an in-sole pressure measurement technology to optimise the protective effect of insoles and footwear, with the ultimate aim of reducing ulceration and re-ulceration rates.

Of the 5 participants who used the insole, 4 meet the target of a reduction to below peak pressure of 350 kPa or a reduction of 25% from the baseline, with the other participant having a 24% reduction in peak pressure from the baseline.

This study has informed the development of a successful application for a multi-site pilot study through NIHR Clinical Doctoral Fellowship for Richard Collings with £270,033.00 funding for Reducing Foot Plantar Pressure (ReFPres) in people with diabetes using an instant insole solution: a mixed methods pilot study.