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Grant awarded for palliative care study

Torbay Medical Research Fund has part-funded a PHD, exploring what the end of life needs and preferences of older people living in the community are and if they change over time. The oldest old are more likely to have complex health needs, multiple illnesses and are more likely to spend their final year in poor health than those who die at a younger age. They tend to receive poorer quality care...
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Research identifies the main risk factors for difficulty caring for the arm after a stroke

Torbay Medical Research Fund awarded Rhoda Allison a £48,541 grant to carry out a study to predict difficulty in caring for the arm after a stroke & develop a longitudinal profile of impairment & disability. The participants were stroke patients, identified as being unlike to regain functional use of their arm, 2-4 weeks after their stroke. The study found that 12 months after the st...
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Innovative podiatry research leads to major grant

Richard Collings was awarded £25,079 from the Torbay Medical Research Fund to investigate whether foot ulcer recurrence can be prevented in people with diabetes by using an in-shoe pressure measurement technology. Insoles are designed to reduce elevated plantar pressure and re-ulceration risk in patients with diabetes. This study used an in-sole pressure measurement technology to optimise the p...
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